Cheap and advanced Bullet journal materials for beginners


Table of Contents
1. Notebooks and Notebooks
2. Washi Tapes
3. Cases
4. Letter Stamps
5. Pens
6. The Rule
7. Markers / Highlighters
8. Stencil or shape templates
9. Calendar Stamps
10. Stamp ink
11. Brush Tip Pens
12. Other materials for decoration
13. Material needed to start your BuJo

Once we know what the bullet journal is and how it is done, we can start looking for things that will help us with this method.

There are many materials that you can use, from the most basic (a pen and a notebook) to the most advanced (painting with watercolors or using stickers and washi tapes).


The important thing is not to get lost in wanting to do the perfect bujo, just start with the method and from there see what kind of decoration (minimalist or more decorative) fits more with your style. You don't even need to know how to draw, since you can always use predefined templates to save time.

Let's see what are the items or materials you can buy to start making your Bullet Journal system more organized, efficient and beautiful.

1. Notebooks and Journals

The notebook is the star material of the Bullet Journal , so it is convenient to find a product of the highest quality. And although you can use any notebook, you need a strong, quality and durable notebook (that can withstand the jog).

Let’s see some important considerations to make a very good choice:

  • A hard cover notebook is essential, as this ensures great resistance. Therefore, it will last much longer.
  • It is good that it has some grid inside, either of points or squares , because in the Bullet Journal several charts and lists are usually made, so this feature will significantly simplify the task.
  • It's good to have at least two dividers so you can bookmark multiple different pages.
  • It is also advisable that the Bullet Journal notebook has a back pocket , in order to store loose papers, tickets and stencils, among other things.
  • Finally, it is recommended that it have rubber for the closure , since you will prevent the notebook from opening if you carry it in a bag or backpack.


Marion from Sweet Sweet Journal has designed the best Bullet Journal notebook thanks to her experience of more than 5 years making BuJo . Our SweetBooks are specially thought and designed by our Bullet Journal expert to avoid bleeding through when you draw on it.

Black Rose Sun Moon Sweet Bullet Journal Notebook



2. Washi Tapes

With regard specifically to the decoration of the Bullet Journal , one of the most used materials is washi tape , a tape made with plant materials and very beautiful designs to embellish the pages of your notebook. It can be decorated in many ways, white, solid, checkered designs, doodles, etc. It also has different thicknesses, 8 mm, 10 mm or 15 mm, among others. They are also of different lengths

There are countless models on the market today, so we recommend two good alternatives , 15 mm wide and 10 meters long, to make your choice easier.

Click on the images to see more details of the products.

Black and White Washi Tape

Model Black Pencil

    washitape black pencil 4 rolls


    Washi Tape with gold prints

    Japan Gold model

      WT japan gold golden


      3. Cases

      One of the most important accessories is the case. This method usually requires a lot of material that we accumulate and vary. A spacious and large case helps to have all your material well organized. The case can be simply a pen holder and can carry more compartments and functionalities.

      The SweetCase cases are designed so that you can transport and store all the material well organized, in different compartments. It includes an exterior handle so you can take it with you.


      4. Letter stamps

      The letter stamps They are very useful decorative materials for the Bullet Journal , especially because they provide a clean and elegant result, making little effort and without the need to know how to draw.

      In our store we offer the best stamps on the market. These contain different uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Click here or in the image to visualize the product.


      Material Bullet Journal Stamps Letters Small Large



      5. Pens

      This is another of the essential articles for the Bullet Journal . Although the pen is something very personal, here we leave you some very good options:

      Pilot V5 - Hi - TecPoint 0.5

      Available in a number of different bright colors, this set of three pens is a great option for your bullet journal, especially since its liquid ink provides smooth, fluid writing.

      Bullet Journal Pilot V5 Pens

      Muji with gel ink 0.38 mm

      This set of Japanese pens offers a clear and smooth black gel ink.

      Material Bullet Journal Pens Muji

      Retractable Parker Jotter

      This ballpoint pen offers a bright blue finish and a fluid and even writing, ideal for making your notes. In addition, it presents an emblematic design, made of extremely resistant plastic.

      Material Bullet Journal Parker Pens


      Pigment Liner

      There is a wide variety of brands of markers , so the choice of this item can be somewhat complex.

      Keep in mind that it is a very common product to carry out all kinds of drawings in the Bullet Journal.

      One of the most outstanding brands is Sakura, especially the Micron line , since they have a very intense black and are highly resistant to water, so you can paint over them without fear of the drawing being smudged.

      Here we present a kit of 8 units , with, among other models, fine tips of 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8 .

      Material Bullet Journal Pigmer Liner Micron


      Additionally, other very good Pigment Liner options are:



      6. The Rule

      If you like straight lines and don't have much of a pulse, you're definitely going to need a ruler . Our advice is that you opt for a metal product , because it does not spoil as it does with plastic ones.

      Here we leave you a very good option for your Bullet Journal :


      Material Bullet Journal Ruler



      7. Markers / Highlighters

      Markers or highlighters are essential to be able to highlight events or relevant information in your day to day life.

      Although there are several options, here we recommend two excellent ones for your Bullet Journal:

      Mildliner Zebra

      They come in packs or kits of 5 with two tips (one chisel and one pen-like). In addition, their colors are very beautiful and some even have a vintage design.


      Material Bullet Journal Midliner Zebra


      Stabilo Boss

      If you prefer the markers of a lifetime, Stabilo Boss is the perfect brand . They are manufactured in bright colors or in pastel shades. We leave you two options of both:


        8. Stencil or shape templates

        Templates are recommended materials for the Bullet Journal, because they are used to make small drawings, banners or even letters and numbers for times when we don't have much time to write.

        These templates or Stencils are a great option as they come with a wide variety of icons, shapes and banners , including daily activities and festivals or special events.


        Material Bullet Journal Stencil TIAN



        9. Calendar Stamps

        As with the letter stamps, the predefined mini-calendar stamps are really very practical, especially so you don't have to write every day of the month.

        It is that there are some days that we do not have enough time to dedicate to the Bullet Journal , so they are very useful articles for your notebook.

        Here are two great options :


          Material Bullet Journal Stamps Calendar



          10. Stamp ink

          If you are going to use stamps, you will need ink to stamp them. In this case, these two options are very good alternatives for your Bullet Journal :


            Material Bullet Journal Ink for Stamps



            11. Brush Tip Pens

            Many people who use the Bullet Journal to organize their lives, carry out Brush Lettering , a practice that consists of illustrating letters, words and phrases by hand, using markers that make it possible to differentiate between thin and thick strokes.

            One of the most recognized brands is Tombow , which offers a wide variety of products so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

            Here are two very good options :


              Tombow Fudenosuke Tip Brush 10 Colors


                Material Bullet JOurnal Tombow big tip fudenosuke


                12. Other materials for decoration

                We close this list of materials with three excellent products for decorating your Bullet Journal :

                self-adhesive kraft paper

                Paper sheet made from the highest quality recyclable natural kraft paper , making it perfect for making diaphragm labels and stickers.

                Crayola Markers

                Its large tips make it excellent markers for writing, drawing or coloring large drawings.

                formidable stickers

                These decorative accessories are perfect for giving your Bullet Journal a distinctive touch.

                Here are three very good options:

                150 Stickers Scrapbooking Stickers
                300 Pieces Scrapbooking Stickers
                NOGAMOGA 240 Pieces Vintage Scrapbooking Stickers


                Material Bullet Journal Stickers Green Leaves Stickers


                Basic and necessary materials to start your BuJo

                Finally, in this video I briefly explain the basic materials to start bullet journal.


                You already know, when buying Materials for your Bullet Journal, there is nothing better than our website . Do not miss it!