What is a Bullet Journal and what is it for?

The Bullet Journal, as a definition, is an analog organization system , that is, it is written with a pen on paper and does not need any digital app; Furthermore, it is created over time and consists of adapting to your needs at all times. It is not an agenda , because these come with the predefined outline, it is a blank notebook that we are going to fill with lists of tasks to do, desires, objectives, concerns, places to visit, etc. to have all the aspects that encompass your life in one place and not have everything scattered on post-its or papers that eventually get lost over time.

To avoid stress and leave nothing to chance, being very organized is essential in these times when we are all full of obligations. This method can help you be much more structured and accomplish your tasks perfectly.

This system was invented by Ryder Carroll because he couldn't find any organization method that worked well for him and it allows you, in addition to organizing yourself, to express yourself through creativity and drawing what you feel at all times and escape from the stress and burden of everyday life.

It is used to, and I quote the author's words, analyze the past by reading the notes that you have been writing and drawing conclusions from them, organize the present by organizing each day and plan the future because it allows you to organize events that have not yet happened.

There are many people who decorate our bullet journal and write phrases or celebrate events that have cost us a lot to achieve, remembering weekend getaways and vacations, and you do it by decorating and spending time with yourself to escape and de-stress from everyday life. .

However, one of the first questions that comes to mind is what to do or what to write in a bullet journal. In this article we will try to answer the question of what is needed to make a bullet journal, if I need a small or large bullet journal and delve into what a bullet journal must have .

bullet journal what is it

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What a Bullet Journal should contain

There are certain sections that are usually always put in the bullet journal. We will see the sections that Ryder Carroll explains to us in what I call the pure and original method and what sections the community has been adding little by little. Here I explain the structure of the bullet journal.

  1. The index is a section that Ryder Carroll teaches us and is usually placed in the first sections.
  2. The legend is also taught by Ryder Carroll and is usually placed at the beginning.
  3. The annual calendar does not include Ryder Carroll, but then I will explain how I use it.
  4. The future record that is indispensable for Ryder Carroll and places it after the index.
  5. We will also see the annual collections more calmly later.

And then would come the months themselves.

The order of the sections will depend on what suits you best, as a recommendation could be the legend first, then the index , then the annual calendar , the future record , the annual collections that you want to add and finally the months.

How to start your Bullet Journal?

If you have already decided to start with this method in 2022, in this video I summarize how to start making an easy bullet journal from scratch as well as some ideas about my methodology (this is how I always start my BuJo).

How to start a Bullet Journal for Students?

You are a student? If so, the bullet is also for you . If I had known this method when I went to university, I am sure that my grades and my performance would have been better. Since I am aware of how well it also works for students, I prepared this video (it was very successful) to teach you how to do bullet journaling step by step and some ideas just for students .

Free Tutorial in Spanish

Do you want to learn Bullet Journal? If so, you have come to the right place. I'm going to quickly explain what it is and how it works . 😊

I have prepared this totally free tutorial in Spanish with the most basic concepts of the Bullet Journal.

If you want to get started right away , here's our Sweet Sweet Journal creator Marion's playlist with a 20-video tutorial:

If you follow the lessons step by step and practice a lot in your Bullet Journal , you will see how you improve your skills in a short time and much faster, managing to organize yourself in an easy, simple and effective way, I assure you!

For more content related to this world, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel called Sweet Sweet Journal. In it I have a community of +25,000 followers and you can find everything you need for your bujo.

Below you can find the list of videos that contain the tutorial published on YouTube .

tutorial introduction to the tutorial

#1 Tutorial Introduction

What are we going to see throughout the tutorial and who it is aimed at.

tutorial what it is and what it is used for
Basic principles of using the Bullet Journal according to its creator, Ryder Carrol. How the Bullet Journal community has evolved.

bujo structure tutorial
#3 Structure of the Bullet Journal

What parts make up the Bullet Journal and tips to organize them in the best way.

bujo index tutorial
#4 Configure your Index

How to create your Bullet Journal Index adapted to your needs. Different ideas on how to establish the Index.

bujo legend tutorial
#5 How to use the Legend

All the symbols necessary to organize yourself. Basic icon ideas to get started according to Ryder Carroll.

annual calendar tutorial #6 Annual Calendar

What is the annual calendar and if it is necessary to introduce it in your Bullet Journal.

future registration tutorial #7 Future Registration

What is the future registry and how useful it is to reserve the necessary space for what is to come.

tutorial annual collections #8 Annual Collections

What are the annual collections and what themes can we include to remember throughout the year.

tutorial months #9 The Months

The structure of the months and how it has evolved over time. What structure do I use?

monthly calendar tutorial #10 Monthly Calendar

What are monthly calendars and what are they for? Birthdays, doctor visits, appointments...

tuto weeks bj #11 Weeks

What are weeks? How they have evolved within the community. How we organize the weeks. Open, semi-open and closed weeks

tutorial decoration #12 Decoration

Is it necessary to decorate your Bullet Journal?

There are several opinions on this topic. I'll tell you which one is mine.

tutorial bj notebooks #13 The Notebook

What is the best notebook to make Bullet Journal? The ETERNAL QUESTION.

I'll tell you my experience after using almost all the ones on the market and designing my own.

basic materials tutorial #14 Basic materials

What materials to use to make Bullet Journal? My recommendations.

washi tape tutorial #15 Washi Tape

What is Washi Tape?

What is it for?

Where to find them?

tuto stickers #16 Stickers

What are Stickers?

What are they used for?

Where to find them?

tutorial stencils #17 Stencils

What are Stencils?

What are they used for?

Where to find them?

tutorial stamps #18 Stamps

What are Seals?

What are they used for?

Where to find them?

tuto rotus brush pen #19 Brush Pen Markers

What are brush tip markers?

What are they used for?

Where to find them? Sizes and brands. My recommendations.

tuto tips bj #20 Tips

Last tips before starting your Bullet Journal.

Small spoiler: Don't worry, just start now!

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you. I have put a lot of love, effort and hours into it. I think that with this tutorial you have enough information to get to work. Remember that the important thing is not to be saturated with information and take action .

If you have any suggestions about the videos or new content that you would like me to bring, write to me at hola@thesweetsweet.com and I will respond as soon as possible.

For more content and materials related to this wonderful world of organization, do not forget to visit our main website by clicking here .

A giant hug.


PSDTA: I leave you some frequently asked questions or FAQS in case they help you:

1. What is a Bullet Journal?

It is a personal organization system that combines planning, habit tracking and reflection.

2. Do I need artistic skills to start a Bullet Journal?

No, anyone can get started with no artistic skills required. Functionality comes first.

3. What type of notebook do I need for a Bullet Journal?

Any notebook will do, but many prefer dotted or grid notebooks to guide writing and drawing.

4. What is the ideal size for a Bullet Journal?

It depends on your needs, but A5 or A6 sizes are popular for their portability and enough space.

5. What differentiates a Bullet Journal from a traditional agenda?

A Bullet Journal is customizable and adaptable, while agendas have a fixed structure.

6. How do I prevent ink from bleeding through the pages of my notebook?

Choose notebooks with heavier paper or use gel pens or fineliners that do not bleed through.

7. What basic elements should a Bullet Journal have?

An index, a year view, a monthly view, a weekly/daily view, and pages for collections or habit tracking.

8. How often should I update my Bullet Journal?

It is flexible; some update daily, others weekly. Adjust the frequency to your pace of life.

9. Can I use a Bullet Journal for work and personal life?

Yes, it is a versatile tool that you can adapt to cover all areas of your life.

10. What do I do if I make a mistake in my Bullet Journal?

You can use concealers, stickers, or just accept mistakes as part of the process.

11. Are Bullet Journals just for daily organization?

No, they are also great for long-term goal tracking, reflection, and recording memories.

12. How can I personalize my Bullet Journal?

Through doodles, stickers, different font styles, and the creation of personal collections.

13. Is Bullet Journaling a good tool to reduce stress?

Yes, it can be a meditative practice and helps organize your thoughts, which reduces stress.

14. Where can I find inspiration for my Bullet Journal?

On social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest, specialized blogs and online Bullet Journal communities.

15. What tools do I need to start Bullet Journaling?

A notebook, a pen, and optionally, rulers, templates, and markers or colored pencils to decorate.